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Intresting Fact About Sunny Leone

15 Intresting Fact About Sunny Leone :

sunny leone

1.Sunny Leone is most searched Bollywood actress on Google in 2014 & 2015 .

2.she did her first kiss at Catholic school at the age of 11 .
3.she lost her virginity to a basketball player at another school at 16 .

4.Discovered that she was bisexual at 18.

5.she informed her parents that she want to be a porn star after she won the Penthouse cover-of-the-year and 100, 000 dollars (she reveled this in oneof her interview).

6.When she started her career in the porn film industry, she signed a contract saying that she would only perform with females.

7.She was once engaged to Matt Erikson, the Vice President of marketing at Playboy. Later, she got married to Daniel Weber .

8.Sunny Leone dated world famous comedian Russell Peters for a short while in 2008.

9.She was once nominated as the 12th best pornstar of the world.

10.Sunny Leone happens to be the first Indian adult film star to make an entry into mainstream Bollywood films.

11.Before making her debut in the Hindi film industry in “Jism 2”, Sunny was offered a cameo role in the 2005 release “Kalyug”, a film by Mohit Suri. But things did not work out as Sunny put a huge demand of $ 1 million for a small appearance and the role was later bagged by Deepal Shaw.

12.She has been endorsed by an Indian mobile company called Chaze Mobiles in 2012. 

13.She was one of the "40 under 40" ranking on AVN Online magazine. 

14.She was voted number 82 in the Top 99 Women for 2012 in's list.

15.Sunny Leone has directed 42 adult films and starred in 41 films

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