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Justin Bieber Shares A hot Shirtless Selfie

Justin Bieber took to his Instagram to share a sexy shirtless photo with his fans!

justine bieber

Justin Bieber knows how to set pulses racing and how to get his followers in a frenzy! Fans went crazy liking and commenting on his most recent Instagram photo, which features him laying down in bed, shirtless. And, of course, we have to wonder: Did he have a cuddle buddy beside him on the mattress? Or was it a lonely night? Speculate away!

Why does the 21-year-old look SO lonely, though!? Where’s his girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin? Of course, she could be somewhere out of frame

The Sorry singer, 21, shared some seriously sexy snaps to Instagram where he showed off his chiseled chest. Justin's sculpted torso was on full show and he wore a towel slung low around his waist.

Captioning the pictures "back in the gym," Justin also revealed he had swapped his platinum blonde locks for a purple rinse.

The Biebs left his new selfie captionless, letting the photo do all the talking and it was more than enough to have fans in a frenzy.

justine bieber

The Biebs is used to posing in minimal clothing after being signed as the face - and body - of Calvin Klein underwear. His personal trainer Patrick Nilsson previously revealed he had worked hard to maintain the body he needed for the shots.

He told  "He has put on 20 pounds of muscle and he’s still working on it. It’s a work in progress.

"We want to put on at least 15 pounds, he’s going to get even bigger, that’s the plan."

In the pic, Justin is Laying Down in Bed without a shirt on, revealing his chest ( and tattoos, of course ) While Slightly Raising his Eyebrows to give the camera a sultry look. Swooon ! What’s interesting, Though, is that Justin went back and deleted the photo an hour after he put it up!

justine bieber

It does not just exercise though that Justin has been using to bulk up – he has also been sticking to a rigid diet.

He said: "Justin has at least one green juice every day. He usually starts the day with one, he gets them delivered and he stocks his fridge with them.

"He hated them at first and the way they taste but he loves them now, he loves how they make him feel.

"It’s the same way with coffee, it tastes bad at first but then you get addicted to it and you start to love the way it tastes, it’s the same with green juice. Justin has one every morning now."

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